Timber transportation from an experienced partner

We provide a forest transportation service with four trucks available. Our forest transportation vehicles also include log lifts. We try to minimise damage to the environment during forest works and transportation. Professional transportation services provided by an experienced forestry company will ensure the preservation of the roads and forest.

We offer the transportation services in all over Estonia.

We have 17 years’ experience in forest and timber transportation. Our team will ensure that all transportation work is performed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We operate all over Estonia; we have four timber trucks, which also include log lifts. Long-term experience in forest transportation makes us a professional partner for all issues relating to the transportation of timber.

Preparing a quote for forest transportation is free of charge.

Contact us to request a quote for forest transportation! Price of forest transportation service depends on the location of the forest, accessibility, the condition of roads, volume and time of forest transportation. The quotation will be prompt and entirely free!

Prudent forest transportation cares for both nature and roads

There are many truck and trailer services providers, but if you care about your forest and roads and the surrounding environment, choose a provider with the necessary experience in forest transportation and timber collection. Therefore, you can be sure that your access roads and forest will remain in good condition.

Always available for forest transportation! Timber transportation with a timber truck or a trailer

Trailer transportation is carried out with safe and reliable trailers designed for carrying heavy equipment.! We can also help you with the transportation of oversized loads. Although our core business is forestry work, we also offer trailer services for other activities.

Transportation of heavy equipment with a trailer

Generally, we use trailers for the transportation of forest and relevant equipment but we can also transport building elements and have annually helped Pärnu’s city government with the transportation of their Christmas tree.

We also offer trailers for the transportation of heavy forestry, farming and building equipment are all familiar to us!