Useful information for forest owner

How is the price of a forest estimated?

The price of forest is influenced by its location, tree species, maturity (standing forest), and transportation distance.

How is the price of forestland estimated?

The price of forestland is influenced by the location of the forest, its class of quality rating, and the size of the immovable.

How do I sell a forest?

Sale of forest is not a notarised transaction.

How do I sell forestland?

Sales transaction of forestland is a notarised transaction, and the ownership of land arises from the moment of entry into the land registry. After the sales transaction, the buyer takes ownership.

How do I sell my forest immovable?

We recommend you to order a fair value evaluation for your forest. When paying for the immovable, we recommend you to use a notary deposit.

How do I order a forest management plan?

Forest management plans can be ordered from forest management companies. A forest management plan will give you a good overview of the state of your forest and its value. The plan allows the planning of the forest cutting and afforestation.

How do I sell the cutting rights of a standing forest?

The sale of cutting rights means that the forest owner sells the cutting rights of the forest according to the forest notification but remains the owner of the forestland. The purchaser of the cutting rights organises the forest cutting and realises the timber.

How do I choose a forest cutting contractor?

The cheapest price does not necessarily ensure quality and environmentally sound cutting works. It is important that the work is performed with professional equipment and by trained staff. The way to find a high-quality cutting partner is to ask for relevant references.

What if I want to cut my own forest myself?

First, we recommend you read the Forest Act to become acquainted with the legal side of forest management. A sound knowledge of forestry, forest markets and professional forestry equipment is also desirable. Independent forest management requires a very deep understanding of forestry. Carefully consider whether you are competent in forest cutting preparation, forest cutting and transportation of timber.

What is a forest notification document?

Forestry notification is a document that proves the cutting rights and possession of timber material.

A forest owner may cut up to 20 cubic meters of wood per year per immovable without submitting the forest notification. Forest owners also have the option to register the forest notification via the forest notification web service.