Cutting services from an experienced forestry company

Our goal is to perform the cutting works so that the forest immovable will remain in good condition even after the cutting works. We have considerable experience and skilled staff for performing forest cutting services. We have the necessary equipment for forest cutting, whether for the improvement or final cutting, and the necessary harvesters and transportation equipment. Depending on forest conditions, we use the appropriate equipment to minimise the damage to the soil. More complex operations can also be performed by hand by lumberjacks.

Trust your forest’s harvesting to our reliable hands

We are also involved in forest harvesting services. Forest harvesting encompasses all kinds of logging services, including clear-cutting, thinning and sanitary cutting.

Thinning brings immediate revenue and increases the final income of the forest.

Thinning increases the value of the forest, helping to complete its species composition. Thinning reduces natural growth and enhances the value of the forest. Thinning is usually performed when the forest is 20-40 years old. Thinning increases the profit from final cutting and is also a source of revenue from the forest.

Clear-cutting brings immediate revenue; shelterwood cutting provides a permanent income.

In cases of clear-cutting almost all the trees of the forest are cut. Clear-cuts renew in a few years, either naturally or by human hand. Shelterwood cutting is an alternative regeneration process to the clear-cutting of a forest, during which the old forest will be continuously renewed. In cases of shelterwood cutting, the forest is cut to a uniform thinness in a circular fashion or into strips.

Our cutting professionals are experts at forest cutting

We are an experienced supplier of forest cutting services. Our staff are professionally trained and experienced loggers, who care about your forest. We always leave your forest in a good condition after cutting.

Would you like to cut your forest yourself? We support independent cutting with advice and help.

We support our clients in the sale of timber and, if necessary, with the accompanying services. If required, we can support you with the necessary equipment for forest cutting. If you wish to sell your timber, we agree the cutting conditions, the quality conditions of timber and the timber length before the cutting works. We organise safe and timely timber transportation.

Choose a reliable partner for forest cutting services: with us, your forest is in good hands!