Purchase of forest

Sale of forest or forest land

Are you planning to sell your forest, forestland or standing forest? We are experts in forest purchasing, with over 17 years in the field! If you wish to sell your forest at a fair price to a recognised company, then you have come to the right place! We are an experienced, professional and secure partner for forest sales and purchase. We have the necessary equipment for forest processing and timber transportation works and perform all operations ourselves. Sell your forest, forestland or standing forest with confidence, flexibility and security!

A free price quote for selling your forest

We always prepare a quick, but detailed, quote – regardless of the condition of the forest or its location. The sale of forest is also possible when improvement cutting is only partially completed – or even if it has not been performed at all. We also buy forests that are not yet sufficiently mature for cutting. It is also possible to sell forest immovables encumbered with a mortgage.

We buy forests across Estonia!

Our company is located in Pärnu County, but we operate throughout Estonia. Contact us to request a quote for the sale of your forest! We will make you an offer or contact you for additional information during the same working week and, if necessary, our experts will personally inspect the forest immovable. We can also help you with legal matters regarding the sale of forest. We can estimate the approximate value of your forest immovable even if you currently lack a forest management plan.

We can also assist you in preparing a forest management plan

Our experts will assess the forest immovable and ensure that cutting forest on the immovable is allowed. We will assess the best way to access the forest. We will prepare a free purchase offer for buying your forest immovable from you! We can also help you to prepare a forest management plan.

Concluding the agreement of sale and purchase transaction of the forest

The notary confirms purchase and sale transaction of the forest immovable. We are a trustworthy partner, at every stage of the transaction.

We are a professional and reliable partner in forest purchases

We handle the forest on the purchased immovable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and are responsible for the condition of the immovable even after the cutting works. We conclude all necessary agreements regarding roads used for the transportation of timber. We are not just dealers of forest immovables, we have the necessary equipment to perform the maintenance and cutting works ourselves.

Choose a professional partner when selling your forest: we can ensure a good price, secure transactions, and reliable communication with forest professionals for you!