Professional and accurate forest management plans

The legal basis for the preparation of a forest management plan

According to the Forest Act, a forest management plan will, upon the forest owner’s request, be prepared together with forest inventory. According to the Forest Act, the forest management plan is mandatory for private owners whose forest area within one land unit exceeds five hectares, and legal representatives whose forest area within one land unit exceeds two hectares.

The purpose of the forest management plan

A forestry management plan provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of the forest and its value, allowing you to plan your requirements for reforestation or forest cutting. A forest management plan is valid for 10 years; during this time, the owner of the forest can perform different cutting works in the forest. The owner of the forest must submit the forest notification to the Environment Agency before carrying out the works. However, if the volume of timber to be cut does not exceed 20 cubic meters per year the notification is not compulsory.

Preparing of forest management plans in all over Estonia

We have experience in the field of forest planning from 1999 onwards. Forest experts must be certified and hold a relevant license. When you order a forest management plan from our company, you can be confident that our employees have the required forest expert certificates to ensure that you receive a professional and high-quality forest management plan to help you to manage your forest.

Ordering a forest management plan

If you wish to order a forest management plan from us, please provide us with the name of the forest immovable and cadastral reference together with your contact details. Following the necessary fieldwork, the expert will enter the field data into the computer and check it comprehensively. The plan can be prepared electronically or in hard copy. When drawing up the forest management plan we communicate with the owner and coordinate the draft of the forest management plan.

The plan includes the following:

  • Inventory data and forest plan
  • Thematic maps
  • A review of forestry works and forest conditions

The inventory data is entered into the forest register. It takes approximately one-two months to develop a forest management plan and enter it into the forest register.

Forest management plan preparation subsidy

You can also apply for a subsidy to prepare a forest management plan. The subsidy is designed to facilitate the collection of data regarding forests and their sustainable use. Currently (in 2016), the subsidy is 13 euros per hectare for carrying out of forest management field works, and 1.5 euros per hectare for drawing up of forest management plans. Only a forest owners’ association can apply for the subsidy. Private forest owners have the opportunity to join a suitable forest owners’ association and apply for the subsidy via the association.

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