Purchase of forest, purchase of cutting rights, forest cutting services and timber transportation – experience since 1999

  • We promote responsible forestry and our goal is that your forest and the surrounding environment will be preserved for posterity.
  • Unlike many other purchasers of forestland, we have both the necessary forest cutting and transportation technology and the qualified employees to use them.
  • We offer a fast and friendly service all across Estonia, operating in Pärnu, Harju, and Järva Counties and many other locations.
  • We can assist you in the preparation of forest management plans and the evaluation and management of forest immovables.
  • In addition to cutting and transportation services, we also provide trailer transportation services with trailers specifically designed for the transportation of heavy equipment.

A reliable sales partner for selling your timber and forest

Choose a reliable partner for selling your forest: we can guarantee you a fair price and evaluation, secure transactions, pleasant communication and a superior service. We operate across Estonia and can offer a free quote. We can also help you with the preparation of a forest management plan.

We care about your forest!!

Our aim is to preserve the aesthetic beauty and ecosystem of the forest immovable even after the cutting works. Our employees are highly trained experts in their field and have all the necessary equipment for the cutting works. Depending on the condition of your forest and the environmental conditions, we offer cutting machines in a variety of sizes – allowing us to minimise damage to the subsurface of the forest during the logging works.

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